CS:GO's Secret Map Changes of 2020

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CS:GO's maps have been updated, but we haven't been given specifics. I go on a long quest to find which pixels have moved slightly.
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0:00 - Wot map changes?
2:21 - Overpass
3:09 - Train
3:32 - Inferno
4:50 - Mirage
5:31 - Nuke
6:45 - Vertigo
7:09 - Dust2
9:00 - Conclusion

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  • I don't even play counter strike. Why am I here.

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  • I’m so stupid I just now noticed the cat walk in nukes bomb room is a crane to load things on a truck. I used them all the time at work but I just now noticed what it was.

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  • 999k subs 1k more to reach the 1m guys lets goooo

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  • mirage has a grenade clip on the tuck at b, you even showed it before in a video

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  • 2020. I remember when I checked your Hammer tutorials 10 years ago and I still use that knowledge today to continue on my Hammer map project every now and then. It's fun to see how you are still active, and congrats for that 1 million subscribers you will have soon.

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  • I've only played briefly CS:GO with the F2P thing, but keep watching Philip both before and after

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  • videos like this are the reason why i love your work and why i hope that you can at least feel the honor you have by creating this content

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  • I love that his sponsor read doesn't add the extremely useless "All your data is encrypted which means it's safer" as in like the https don't do that for you already lmao.

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  • You are crazy men. good work.

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  • Everytime he says valve pls fix I love it

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  • Have you considered doing content on anything other than CSGO? I You’d be great if you did:)

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  • I just copied a text from latest csgo patch notes (click read more to see) Cache -Fixed a pixel-gap in the Cargo containers in T-Spawn (Thanks to the perceptive individual that reported it to 3kliksphilip!)

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  • I'm wondering what we will get after the game has been updated to Source 2 engine, maybe better performance?

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  • 8:30 After extensive testing I have found that if two players are standing boosted all the way to left just at the top of the stairs, they will be in the line of sight of a player standing boosted all the way against the back wall of right side pit. HOWEVER, the players on cat are not rendered through the wall, so this provides no advantage to the team that has long control.

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  • Valve mentioned you in the update I don't know for what

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  • Pls review the update that removed the bots from competitive/wingman matches!

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  • You got credited on the new cs update!

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  • if you make an update video in the newest patchnotes they wrote [VIEW MODELS] instead of [ VIEWMODELS ] valve pls fix

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  • philip you got mentioned in todays update log :D

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  • philip, waiting on a vid on this new bs update!

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  • @3kliksphilip got mentioned in patch notes again ;)

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  • 3kliksphilip is the Tom Scott of CS

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  • This dude would just contest mid every round just to see if there is a texture change when ur getting domed smh

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  • 10/10 video, very informative... but.... where is your signature calming but upbeat music : [

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  • hey i just noticed the operation missions for this week is named world tour, and around here on brazil each mission has the name of a brazilian song; i wonder if its like that on every single language cs go has

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  • fawlty towers is fucking shit

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  • So rounding errors caused all the fps drops! ;)

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  • Do you think valve is even working on source 2?

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  • The pond just got a mexican filter

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  • This guy in this vid i swear looks like u!!!! fistream.info/work/videot/mrKvbdiei5i7yIE

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  • hey mr 3 kliks, here's a video idea, can you cover the danger zone grenades? the molotov and frag grenade have been strenghtened for the mode

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  • the changes are so small, that there is no point in mentioning it

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  • I want cs go for ultra potato PC like intel pentium processor and no graphics card 2GB ram or 1gb ram and also highly compressed with multiplayer the game should compressed under 2gb and that 2gb should at 2 parts of 500mb which means 500x4=2gb

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  • 3:06 I surprised Philip missed a crane in 3d skybox. It's quite big while amount and type of rotation definitely don't make it a "rounding error" case.

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  • hey @3kliksphilip, I was messing with the hud cropping settings, I found out that they changed the old range safezonex/y from (1.0-0.85 to 1.0-0) Pretty cool secret patch!

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  • Hey man can you take a look at Urban Terror? It's a free online fps that has good movement This is an opportunity for you to bring players back to the game if you end up liking it It use to have a good amount of players, now it's kinda struggling

    Reese _Reese _Uukausi sitten
    • Anyone else played this game? The devs are still active, definitely worth looking into if you like bhopping in CS but want more speed. You can wall jump

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  • Some other minor things 3kliksphilip will probably find out -Valve

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  • Wooow

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  • I've looked everywhere but I can't find out why CTs shoot the vent on their way to mid rather than knifing it. Oftentimes a CT going mid himself, whose teammates don't shoot the vent, will shoot the vent himself. Wouldn't the cost in movement speed outweigh the benefits of shooting the vent (If there are ANY, of which I cannot find)?

    Beast ManXBeast ManXUukausi sitten
  • Hey, over the past few weeks I have been unable to Solo Que in normal CSGO, waiting times are over 5 mins. I have to use facite now to get a job, wth is going on?

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  • Literally unplayable garbage with the fade out problems

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  • Hey at @3:08 the crane also moved. I dont know how the crane works but is that a change?

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  • 2:20 before any content even starts cool

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  • 4:02 I think that might be caused by displacements? I remember that displacements really mess with lighting.

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  • I would like to purchase your RTX 3070 off you as I have been trying to get one since launch day

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  • But what if there's a guy working at Valve thats deliberately tilting small objects just because he wants to see if 3kliksphilip will notice?

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  • Turn on subtitles and go to 5:05 "mirage 2 confirmed". Philip what are you hiding

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  • there's attention to detail and then there's this :D you on a whole other level philip!

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  • mhm I think something like the what if video with stewie on Inferno could get you there if you find something? Your streanght is this scientific aproach to the world of cs but I think it has more appeal in the cases where it relates to actual gameplay more directly. Keep on!

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  • VAC: literally the worst anticheat Valve: fuck it we re moving the lights

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  • csgo in 2021? kekw valve cares? even bigger kekw

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  • I found a glitch on wingman Nuke, in T Spawn, if a weapon is dropped then shot at so it goes against that yellow ledge that goes along the floor, it will go inside the ledge and it will be VERY VERY hard to get the weapon out

    Kalle TrampKalle TrampUukausi sitten
  • cs is broken if you put 2 P250 on shuffle it will show you that you have an x-ray in the buy maniu ant it will give you only one of them in every mach ( i have a sandune and a mehndi ) also when you inspect the deagle in the inventory it still have no texture on front of the trigger (int has been years)

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  • hey 3kliksphilip can u make a video of csgo overwatch system needs to be fixed cuz everytime i create a smurf acc and play solo que competitive. after 5 to 8 days i get a overwatch ban for no reason :( i didnt even cheat

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  • Nuke's valve change is never shown 'after', just the 'before' version is seen

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  • I dont even play cs go :')

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  • I don’t know why but this video specifically made me realize how much I would hate being in charge of tweeting official maps. Like holy shit imagine spending hours thinking of ways to slightly improve a map only for people to notice some random bolt fades out now for no apparent reason and now you have to fix it.

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  • Pretty sure they updated anubis and got rid of the box in A site.

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  • 5:06 subtitle : "Mirage two confirmed" Well this is something that u def. did not say^^

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  • 4:15 literally unplayable

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  • Woooow nord vpn? How low have you become phil

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  • I learned just today that the windows on overpass toilets area are blocked off now making the cheezy boost on the bench for ct's impossible lol

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  • Philip must be bored af to make this video.

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  • Nord vpn is a scam

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  • 3kliksphilip is finding changes even Valve doesn't know about.

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  • 3:32 could the reflections changes be from a hardware upgrade, that is; if you have better hardware you'll see better graphics?

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  • I miss the original Vertigo. The version where you could jump over wall that has now been blocked off on "Site B"

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  • Imagine valve moving the while map by a few units, just to mess with phillip, so his comparisson shots don't line up

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