Randomly Generated Maps in CS:GO (Translated)

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This is a translated version of Orelstealth's original video here: fistream.info/work/videot/Z5FucJKemoiVmZc
Download his procedurally generated AIM_ROGUE_INFERNO map here: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2362387875
Huge thanks to friends who helped test the map and give ideas:
GabeFollower: @Gabe Follower
Ansimist: @Ansimist
DepoSit: @DepoSit
console_: @WhiteBox
Nexus: steamcommunity.com/id/Nexusov
napk1n: steamcommunity.com/id/napk1n_
Морозов(thanks for article about autocombine!): steamcommunity.com/id/untor
Huge thanks to Orelstealth for making this video! He gave me the original Russian script, Google translated it, then I edited it as best as I could to make it coherent and then Orel gave it one final check of approval.
0:00 - Movie
1:02 - Intro
2:34 - CS:S
2:52 - V1
3:49 - Problem with materials
4:31 - Lighting
7:27 - Random layout generation
7:58 - Bots
9:32 - Story
10:05 - Taking a break
10:49 - AIM map
13:15 - Source problems
14:38 - Focus on Inferno
17:21 - Seed generation
18:45 - 3 different layouts
19:50 - Conclusion

  • Can we apreciate how much of a legend this man is for doing this

    Dylan KershawDylan Kershaw2 päivää sitten
  • I am very very interested in playing this with my friends

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  • epicnesss overloaded

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  • Great Work, Phillip! Being Russian native-speaker I wouldn't know about that project if it wasn't thanks to you. "SPOLER: XPEH TAM" made my day.

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  • Watching this video was a transcendental experience

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  • This lad is building a forge mode for CS like Halo games. Absolute madlad.

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  • Since this isn't 3kliksphillip's video, this must be 0kliksphillip

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  • so glad i can experience this video. wouldve never watched had u not made this translation. orel's editing is really good, i made sure to give him a like!

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  • 14:36 garlic what?

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  • CSGO generating a swastika was the least surprising thing in the video

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  • so philip DOES know russian cy7ka lybat

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    • он руски да

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  • ну это кек, как вообще работают рекомендации ютьюба, если он мне рекомендует этот видос, а не оригинал?!

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  • I dont even play CS:GO but the sheer magnitude of what youve accomplished so far with this project (primarily by yourself seemingly) is mind blowing.

    kord'l mitchellkord'l mitchell16 päivää sitten
  • KLIKSPHILLIP, HEAR ME OUT, OKAY SCP SECRET LAB but in CSGO make it happen pls you know the right people it's going to be insanely popular

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  • Thing = галочка

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  • Is this means all Russians aren't bad?

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  • "When you want to become a proplayer but all aim maps are shit" xD

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  • 6:01 wait what am i seeing?

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  • 11:10 i just read the title.

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  • Imagine a death run map with random aspects.

    Shocking, Isnt ItShocking, Isnt It24 päivää sitten
    • wait thats a great idea

      The Great OmnissiahThe Great Omnissiah23 päivää sitten
  • As someone who knows Russian this was kind of jarring because I was trying to follow what each language was saying. Though the bits that weren't translated were pretty funny.

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  • How about teleporting the player from room to another on small hallways between?

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  • I simply could not stand gearing the russian guy talking in the background. Volvo plz fix

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  • This is so cool. I would love to play on different maps every game. Everyone knows all the maps too well, we know where every peak and position is at this point.

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  • Man cant remember ur name on yt but i got the map :)

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  • Very nice video, super interesting

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  • There's a game called due process that takes all this to the next level

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  • VALVE hire this russian already. If not u then he will save the game

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  • This video makes me want to learn Russian

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  • What are some of the maps shown in the intro

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  • What if both teams have a bomb?

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  • 4 minutes in i realized this was a translated video, and not some random russian in the background of a 3kliksphilip video

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  • Thank you SO much for translating this. I would have never known this existed without this video. I sat here with a huge smile on my face watching the whole process knowing the same feeling the dev felt about creating something like this. Absolutely amazed he got this to work and I'll have to try this out with my buds!

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  • I've done a lot of mapping in my time and this is simply incredible! Well done!

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  • spoiler: hren tam.

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  • do fully generating danger zone map all buildings layout landscape and shit

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  • This would be perfect for Competitive gameplay. It would separate the the Players with good game sense from the players with good adaptablity. I can imagine Esports Stadiums full of spectators watching the Pros go at it in Procedurally Generated maps.

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  • if im not wrong, l4d2 had some kind of random generator thing that changed maps a little

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